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We have classes for all.

Snapping Turtles is a class designed for 5-9 year olds and introduces them to martial arts in a controlled and safe environment.

The Beginners class is for ages 10+ and Snapping Turtles that have successfully completed their syllabus.

As training progresses we encourage students to stay on and train in the senior class to really test their fitness and enhance their progress.

Snapping Turtles


With our 'no contact' rule 5-9 year olds train in a safe environment: learning to respect their instructors and fellow students.

Fun and fitness are key, with other benefits such as improved

co-ordination, balance and concentration also developing.


The syllabus was developed in order to prepare young students for regular training, the classes are 30 minutes long and contain snippets of the traditional TaeKwon-Do 10th kup (beginner) syllabus.


Beginner's Class


Following the traditional ITF syllabus students learn a variety of techniques including tul (patterns), sparring and self-defence;

at Swindon TaeKwon-Do school, however, we look to expand on this, and 

we hold regular club gradings and seminars. 


We are constantly looking to improve ourselves and our students and keep an open mind, whilst incorporating new ideas into our training and classes.


Advanced Class


 Senior grades have their own class, but we encourage students to double train as soon as their fitness allows this.


Training in TaeKwon-Do has its own type of fitness and double training really prepares you for the ultimate goal of a black belt. 


We do not have a graduation process, you can fail a grading if you have not achieved the desired standard. We believe that this builds character and makes our black belts even more valuable.



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